08-10-2013 Sat
Tatsumi scribble :3


...ah, heh, it's been a while. It's been so long since I drew in MS I'd forgotten its limitations. urgh. And the first thing I draw? Tatsumi.
...forgive me, Gin-ou-samaaaa! "orz *is crushed beneath wide shoe heel*

Tatsumi the mullet king (hey, ain't nothin' wrong with mullets!) is one of the only guys who can get away with calling the lord of the underground moneylending world "GINJI" and not get a beat-down. (This has to be canon by now, right? Well, I like to think so, at least... because c'mon, who wouldn't want to be on that level of bro wit' Da Man?)

...I gotta admit that my interest in Tatsumi was mainly sparked due to the wealth of character development that the fan community has constructed for him. Which is awesome beyond words! *flails happily about in mountain of fanfic* I mean, pfft - poor bloke got stuck mainly with one-liners in the manga, and a neurotically nerdy bit and some walk-on parts in the GtK movies. Which means his personal history... and the story of how he came to work with Ginji is fair game. muhahaha >:D




09-19-2012 Wed

Playing tricks on Ginji after a night out on the town?
ahaha, I think I probably have to retract my earlier statement about Tatsumi & Morita being even remotely interchangeable. Putting your hair up and swapping clothes does not a Morita make. Tatsumi is Tatsumi, and Morita is Morita. Ok, mebbe if you squint reeeeeeeal hard........nnnaaaaaaaah.
I think this warrants a new totally maybe serious category tag, though. (???)
^click for larger version

uehehehe messy painting this glass of Ardbeg is not helping >:D




09-14-2012 Fri

Delusional rambling:
If Tatsumi slicked his hair back and put it in a ponytail, he could almost masquerade as an older, scruffier Morita... and vice-versa. I… I can't be the only one thinkin' that. But. Tatsumi without that borderline-smarmy mullet just wouldn't be Tatsumi. Wonder which look Ginji prefers. Hmm. Well, why choose when you can have your cake, and eat it too? (*≧▽≦)deheh

What with all the social networking, I bet he knows all the best places to go grab a bite to eat... But, no wait, it's more sinister than that: i.e. Tatsumi is an advanced practicioner of the Parlay du Foie Gras technique. Food-fu. How else could Ginji and the rest of the gang have gotten so W I D E? (*^艸^) ゥㇷㇷ 

^ click for larger version



ブログを見てくれて、拍手やツイッターに応援メッセージを書き込んでくれて、本当にありがとうございます〜!(*^▽^) Thank you for visiting!




09-09-2012 Sun
Yukari and Junpei

Up'd for Asakura!
Mah fave P3 characters + Shindanmaker sketch prompt:
相手の肩に頭を置いて眠るYukari and Junpeiの絵を描きます。
(How do I manage to keep getting all these totally innocent scenes from Shindanmaker...??)

You decide to go back to the dorm...
    D-dude, help me out here! I really gotta go,
    but if I move, Yukari will wake up and kick my ass!!

   "I'll wake Yukari up for you, and act as a decoy while you run away."
»"Sorry Junpei, I'm too busy right now." >:D ehehehehe i'm such a meanie
^ click for larger version

"More like Stupei, Ace Defective."
I love the way these two bicker all the time. Junpei is an adorable doofus how could you possibly hate the guy seriously.
...and I thought I had a few more P3 sketches laying around, but now I can't find 'em. >_<;

I gotta finish the game so I can re-play as the girl protag, but that part with Shinjiro kinda broke my heart. That whole "I have no weaknesses" thing was probably foreshadowing, huh. sigh.




09-09-2012 Sun
you know you made my eyes burn

^ click for larger version

Assuming it's a good kind of eye burnination, 'cause he's still lookin'...?
Um. There was supposed to be a shirt, but I kinda. forgot. it. :3

Also forgot to turn off my PSP a few days ago, and the disc was still spinning... oopsies. Need to stop dinking around and just finish P3 already, geez.





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